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We Take Safety Seriously.

We understand that safety is paramount to any successful project, and we aim to ensure that all our employees are safe on the job. We have a dedicated safety professional on staff who is OHST certified to ensure that all our safety protocols are up to date and followed. We provide weekly safety training to all our employees, and follow the most updated OSHA standards to ensure that our sites are safe and hazard-free. We take a proactive approach to safety with Behavior Based Safety Guidelines Program (BBS) to ensure that all of our employees are aware of the potential risks associated with their job. We are committed to providing a safe work environment for everyone.

Attained hours worked at one site without a recordable safety incident


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PSI Safety Strategies

To ensure that our employees are well-informed on safety protocols, we have a weekly safety training program. Our comprehensive program is designed to keep employees up to date on the latest OSHA safety regulations and best practices. PSI has a full-time Health and Safety Coordinator who is OHST certified and available to answer any safety-related questions.

Safety training worker

Safety Training 

Safety observation cards are an important Hazard Recognition tool in providing a safe and healthy working environment for all PSI employees. They provide an opportunity for employees to report any unsafe working conditions or practices that they observe in the workplace. PSI uses the information provided on the cards to identify and correct any safety issues that need addressing. A safe and productive work environment is paramount to the success of our employees and our business.

Safety Observations

Observation Cards

Tool Box Talks are safety training sessions for hazard recognition. They are mandatory for all employees and involve a short safety talk on topics such as general workplace safety, personal protective equipment, and emergency procedures. Tool Box Talks are designed to raise awareness of safety issues and to remind employees of the importance of following safety protocols. The goal is to ensure that employees are aware of safety risks and know how to respond appropriately in the event of an emergency.

Tool Box Talks
Tool Box Talks

Essential Elements to Our Safety Program

We understand that accidents and injuries can happen, and if they do, it is important that they are reported promptly and accurately. Our injury reporting process is designed to ensure that all incidents and near misses are reported, investigated and addressed in a timely manner. We are very transparent about our recordable and non-recordable incidents, so that we can continue to improve on safety performance through our Behavior Based Safety Guidelines Program. We also have safety committees in place to ensure that all safety protocols are followed and to identify potential areas for improvement.

Full Time Safety Coordinator

New Hire Orientation

Drug Free Workplace Program

Site Audits

OSHA Compliant


Weekly Safety Meetings

Lock Out/ Tag Out

Confined Space Training

Drivers Safety


Fall Prevention/Protection

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We Are Proud To Be An Industry Leader In Safety Performance and Programs.

OSHA Certification
Safe Workplace
LARA Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
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