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Project Service

Industrial and Commercial Security and Janitorial Services


Celebrating 37 Years! Since 1985.


Project Service Inc. (PSI) was formed in 1985, and is a privately owned multi-division company specializing in nation wide security services, nation wide industrial services, including commercial and industrial janitorial and also product sales.


PSI provides the ability for companies to contract out essential services that are not part of their core business, allowing improved profitability and efficient use of employees. PSI maintains an experienced staff of management, sales, field supervision and labor.


Typical service contracts administered by PSI range from one to five years in length with a dollar value ranging from $50,000 to $10 million. The company's main office is headquartered in Iron Mountain, Michigan.  Currently we have job sites that range from the Great Lakes Region, to Tennessee, Indiana and Wyoming.











"Providing multiple services with one point of contact is easy for our customers, and it builds value for us."


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