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What we can offer


Snapshot: Project Service Inc. (PSI) a provider of security services, industrial services, and product sales to industrial and commercial customers was originally funded with personal savings and a business bank loan.  By offering all these services under one roof, PSI reduces its customer' costs and allows them to consolidate their purchase orders and accounts payable.  PSI's growth is being fueled by the trend of large businesses adopting the "Do what we do best and outsource the rest" philosophy.


More Value, Less Cost: The company's diverse mix of services provides its clients with added value at lower cost.  The mix can eliminate duplicative costs such as phone lines, on-site supervision and office trailers.  PSI's strategy is to serve clients ideally within a 500-mile radius of its Iron Mountain base operations.  "We always hire from local areas we service," says Cini.  "That helps foster community support and finds us more opportunities."


Connecting Online: Employees at all of the company's work sites communicate via the Internet, which also facilitates efficent reporting on client assignments.  Managers use the Web to announce changes in company policy or safety rules so that field workers can access and apply the information quickly.


The Role of Technology: Even though the company provides some low-tech services such as janitoral work, technology pervades every aspect of the business.  Software helps PSI control inventory levels; automatic reordering keeps important products on hand.  Security guards use technology when making rounds at clients' facilities, logging checkpoints, and downloading the information to a central database.  And billing software reduces time on invoices and helps the company monitor accounts payable.

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