Project Service, Inc
Disposal Truck Driver - Escanaba, MI

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Job Summary: 

Employees will operate forklift and transfer trucks to distribute on site refuse dumpsters to various mill locations.  In turn, employees will empty dumpsters using forklifts and transfer equipment, into a central collection location and from there, transfer the refuse to the on-site landfill.  Garbage Transfer Driver; duties to include garbage cleanup in high traffic areas, emptying dumpsters, hauling garbage to landfill, operating forklift and other equipment associated with job.


Essential Functions:

  • The ability to work in a paper manufacturing facility.

  • Empty dumpsters from various locations

  • Hauling garbage to landfill

  • Delivery of chemicals or totes as directed by mill members

  • Operation of various equipment; cardboard compactor, delivery trucks, pallet jacks, forklift

  • Bring barrels to barrel crusher

  • Knowledge of Outlook mail, and general computer usage

  • The ability to communicate by radio and cell phone

  • General housekeeping of work area

  • Inspecting equipment before use

  • Pick up recyclables and bring to recycling area

  • Afternoon mail delivery


Physical Requirements: 

  • Ability to lift at least 35 lbs to 100 lbs

  • Able to work in extreme weather(hot and cold), high heat, high humidity and dusty environments

  • Ability to work safely

  • Ability to climb ladders and stairs

  • Ability to work overhead

  • Full physical mobility in regards to physically  reaching, stretching, kneeling, bending, walking, twisting, hearing and vision.


General Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED

  • Minimum Class “B” CDL preferred.

  • Ability to pass testing to hold certificates and operate forklifts and other moving vehicles or equipment safely in an industrial setting with high equipment and pedestrian traffic areas. 

  • Employee must demonstrate a strong work ethic, be dependable and flexible on and off all shifts. 

  • Must have the ability to read, comprehend all written instruction and labeling/signage associated with job

  • Self motivated and be able to work with minimal supervision

  • Must have strong communication and organizational skills and demonstrates such

  • Must pass drug test

  • Must pass criminal background check

  • Abide by Project Service Inc. Company and Employee Policy Manual

  • Follow safety and site procedures of client

  • Be an “At Will” employee

This information indicates the general nature and level of work performed by persons within this job classification.

It is not to be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all the duties required to perform the job.

Additional duties may be required to perform the job effectively.

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