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Janitorial Lead - Iron Mountain, MI

Job Summary: 

Responsible for organizing janitor schedules, completing time cards, assigning various tasks, completing site audits.  Oversees PSI operations at various sites and will need to work closely with the employees, leads and the customer on any janitorial issues.


Essential Functions:

  •  Assist in the development and implementation of staffing, schedules, payroll and other reports

  •  Travel to all sites at least once a month to conduct contract compliance evaluations

  •  Establish and maintain excellent business relationships with the client and support all assigned site locations as needed

  •  Ensure flexibility to answer phone/e-mail as required in business communications

  •  Provide immediate and timely response to any problems or concerns proposing viable solutions

  •  Maintain a positive work ethic, constantly striving to create efficiencies while increasing effectiveness in business practices for both PSI and the client

  •  Work closely with Leads/Site Supervisors involved in the account to ensure locations are receiving the support/staffing necessary to remain in         compliance with contract

  •  Assist Leads/Site Supervisors in selecting and retaining personnel that will acclimate to the business principles of both PSI and the client

  •  Oversees extra project work

  •  Comply with all Federal and State employment laws and all PSI standards, policies, and reporting procedures

  •  Oversees training of janitorial workers using proper methods and procedures and to ensure proper operation of equipment and detailed cleaning

  •  Interview, hire and discipline employees

  •  Assist in overall company functions as needed

  •  Other duties as assigned


  •  Must have strong communication and organizational skills and demonstrates such

  •  High school graduate or GED equivalent

  •  2 years cleaning experience

  •  2 years managing personnel

  •  Team building skills

  •  Analytical and problem solving skills

  •  Organizational skills

  •  Time management

Physical Requirements: 

  •  Ability to stand/walk for 6-8 hours

  •  Ability to bend, kneel, reach, climb stairs and lift up to 50 lbs


General Requirements:

  •  Must be strong leader

  •  Must possess strong organizational skills and pay attention to details

  •  Must be flexible in work schedule

  •  Must have basic computer knowledge (email, word, excel)

  •  Must be safety conscious

  •  Must have strong communication skills and demonstrates such

  •  Must be able to understand and follow written and oral procedures

  •  Must be self motivated

  •  Must pass drug test

  •  Must pass criminal background check

  •  Abide by Project Service Inc. Company and Employee Policy Manual

  •  Follow safety and site procedures of client

  •  Be an “At Will” employee

This information indicates the general nature and level of work performed by persons within this job classification.

It is not to be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all the duties required to perform the job.

Additional duties may be required to perform the job effectively.


Interested individuals are asked to contact our recruiting office at 906-779-2351 *315 or by emailing us. 

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